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    • High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse Series

    High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse Series

    This series of products are suitable for indoor AC 50Hz~60Hz, rated voltage 3.5kV~40.5kV system, and can be used in conjunction with other protective appliances (such as vacuum contactors, load switches, etc.), as overload or short circuit protection components of high voltage motors, power transformers, voltage transformers and other power equipment.

    Product structure sketch

    Characteristics of New Type High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse

    The high-voltage current-limiting fuse produced by our company is a high-quality product with world advanced level on the basis of synthesizing similar products at home and abroad. The product has the following characteristics:
    1. The breaker has high capacity, and the breaking current can reach 63 kA.
    2. Low power consumption and low temperature rise.
    3. The action characteristic is fast, and the one-second action characteristic is faster than that of the similar products produced at present in China. For example, the rated current of 100A powder breaker is 1000A expected current, and the pre-arc time is not more than 0.1S.
    4. The characteristic error per ampere is less than 10%.
    5. Equipped with spring impactor, the impactor has the advantages of large contact surface and low pressure. Therefore, when the interlocking action of the switch is pushed, the breakdown or breakdown of the contact surface between the switch and the impact needle will not occur.
    6. Standardization of specifications.
    7. It has great current limiting effect.
    8. The product performance conforms to GB/T15166.2 and IEC60282-1 international standards.
    9. Can reliably interrupt any barrier current between minimum interruption current and rated interruption current. In addition, it can also produce various kinds of non-standard products according to the needs of users.

    Instructions for Order

    1. When ordering, please specify the product name, model, specification, quantity and whether or not the fuse fittings are included.
    2. In addition to supplying this product, our company can also produce various kinds of special fuses according to user's requirements.