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    • ZW8-12 Outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

    ZW8-12 Outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

    The vacuum interrupter is used, the air is insulated, and the electric spring operating mechanism is used to make the product have strong arc extinguishing ability, many short circuit breaking times, no fire and explosion hazard, convenient operation, and is a product with excellent performance and practicability. The overall structure of the product adopts three-phase common box type, the casing enters and exits the line, the inside of the box is dry air, and the electric spring operating mechanism is arranged on the side of the box body, which can be reliably used under harsh environmental conditions. The vacuum interrupter of this product adopts ceramic shell, cup-shaped longitudinal magnetic field contact structure and copper-chromium contact material, which has excellent breaking and closing short-circuit current capability. The product is small in size, light in weight and beautiful in appearance. The vacuum interrupter and the insulating support sleeve are compact in design, and the outlet conductive rod is externally coated with silicone rubber to adapt to harsh weather conditions and dirty environments.

    Technical Information

    Technical Specification


    Rated voltage


    Rated current


    Power frequency withstand voltage


    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)


    Rated short-circuit breaking current (effective value)


    Rated short circuit closing current (peak)


    Rated operation sequence

    分-0.3s-合分180s-合分 Score-0.3s-Score180s-Score

    Rated short circuit current breaking times

    ≥30 Times

    Mechanical life

    10000 Times

    Rated operating voltage (close/close coil)

    DC220V AC220V

    Dynamic and static contacts allow wear thickness


    Isolation fracture break distance


    Overall and installation dimensions